Cloud exhibition at 2020 China International Fair for Trade In Services

One of the country’s most significant events of its kind, the 2020 China International Fair for Trade In Services welcomed 18,000 companies and organizations to Beijing under the banner of ‘Global Services, Shared Prosperity’. Held in September 2020, its final form evolved from the organizer’s aim to enhance its effectiveness and influence as a platform for exchange and trade. The result was a hybrid approach which offered the advantages of both offline and online.

Pico’s digital arm, Action One, was entrusted to create an immersive cloud exhibition which would give participants around-the-clock access to the fair’s most essential attributes.



Using a cloud platform to realise an interactive exhibition would allow exhibitors and visitors who could not participate in person to enjoy their own immersive experience and access to smart services, regardless of their physical location. The platform would also demonstrate the future of online exhibition, leading the industry toward digital innovation and exploration of the value of hybrid exhibitions.


The team created the cloud exhibition’s virtual environment to mimic a physical event as far as possible, including booths’ structures, their forms of display and visual sensations. Companies could select their preferred virtual booth from templates provided after registering an account on the platform. The platform also allowed for exhibitors’ own customised virtual models to be blended in.

The virtual booths’ capabilities potentially opened a new avenue of business negotiation for companies in China and abroad. Inside, users could browse through exhibitor displays while enjoying easy access to services such as private chats, live broadcast and intelligent customer service.

During the fair, the virtual exhibition platform and booths automatically collected visitors’ browsing and interaction data, and transmitted exhibition transaction and interaction information to the back-end in real time. The client possessed breadth-and-depth data assets by the end of the event.


• More than 2,000 companies had set up virtual booths
• Nearly 100 conferences and forums had been broadcasted online
• More than 140,000 visitors had conducted trade negotiations