2021 Yonex Newest Technology and Products Trade Show

Early 2021 saw sports equipment brand Yonex host one of its twice-yearly Newest Technology and Products Trade Shows in Shanghai. As well as introducing the brand’s latest products to dealers, the event sought to raise sales and media exposure via personal appearances by badminton celebrities, including Lin Dan, Ren Chunhui, Yang Yang, Li Zhifeng and Xiong Guobao. Pico was commissioned to provide event planning, design, build and operation services.



Most of Yonex’s retail stores are located in badminton stadiums and shopping malls, while its main customers are badminton fans and players who have demanding requirements for product performance. The show leveraged rich interactive experiences and the influence of badminton celebrities to attract media and thus became a new channel for the brand to disseminate product information and enhance its image.


With 2021 being Yonex’s 75th anniversary, the event became an ideal opportunity to showcase its heritage. Visitors to the show entered through a ‘time tunnel’ which presented a journey through the historical milestones that led to the brand’s growth.

Inside the venue, product display too received a refreshing, attention-grabbing twist, with ultra-transparent ‘Ice’ LED screens adding a dynamism to the new items.

The event programme was interactive: dealers could order products while attending meetings in the main conference area. They could also join in hands-on ‘experience sessions’ for badminton, tennis and golf equipment, as well as a racquet-stringing workshop. To disperse the mass of attendees, the event space was divided into three ‘breakouts’, each with a capacity of 300 people.


The event attracted approximately 800 participants, as well as representatives of 20 media outlets.

“The consistently branded atmosphere helped to accentuate brand image and product selling points. Pico’s expertise was evident in the event activation solutions that caught dealers’ attention throughout the programme.”

– Miss Zhang Xiaohui, Marketing Manager, Yonex (Shanghai)