Opportunities and challenges, delivered by drones
Chairman, Pico Group

The ascent of the drone has been dramatic, with these remote-controlled flying devices gaining enormous popularity both as a toy and in a still-expanding set of business applications.

It is almost inevitable that drones are set to be an essential part of daily life. But as Pico’s Chairman explains in Headline Finance, there are still looming concerns about safety, privacy and vulnerability to hackers.

Drones may represent a wide-open new field of business, and their potential benefit to society is tremendous. But as more and more applications are found for the technology, it becomes more imperative that regulation keeps up and minimises the risks.

*The above is a summary of the original Chinese article.

The full insights article was first published in Headline Finance on 30 May 2019 (in Chinese only).

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Source: Headline Finance (E-newspaper versionWebpage version), 30 May 2019