Chad Tons: Redefining the Experiential Marketing Landscape
Chad Tons
CEO, Infinity Marketing Team

Innovation is the catalyst of progress, driving transformative changes across every facet of human existence. It is the relentless pursuit of novel ideas, technologies, and approaches that reshapes industries, propels economies forward, and transforms our lives.

Marketing is no stranger to this impact of innovation, as it has continually evolved to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and technological advancements. The industry has witnessed a seismic shift in recent years, with traditional methods giving way to digital, data-driven strategies. Amidst this evolution, visionaries have emerged, reshaping the marketing landscape, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

One such visionary is Chad Tons, the CEO and Founder of Infinity Marketing Team (IMT), a fully integrated and award-winning agency in experiential marketing and event production. From spectacular movie premiere event productions to jaw-dropping tradeshow displays to globally recognized mobile marketing tours, IMT uses an infinite realm of methods to assist companies in strengthening their brands and enhancing their voices in the marketplace.

Spearheaded by Chad, IMT has positioned itself as an industry leader in experiential marketing. Fittingly, Chad Tons features on the Cover of Exeleon Magazine’s 2023 edition of The Most Innovative Business Leaders.


The Early Road

Growing up, Chad’s entrepreneurial mindset allowed him to visualize opportunities and innovate ideas for potential business ventures.

He recalls one such instance when he tapped into the booming baseball card industry and built a side business around it. “It was summertime and there were many baseball card shows and conventions in close proximity to where I grew up. I spent that summer attending countless shows, waiting in crazy long lines for new card drops, then would resell the newfound cards to local baseball card stores in the area.”

At the age of 12, what started as a summer hobby soon turned into a thriving business venture for Chad. He went onto use his earnings to purchase even more expensive baseball cards and resold them at a higher margin.

By the end of summer, Chad generated a lot of earnings and would eventually use the amount for his first stock market investment.


The Nike and Adidas Experience

During his graduation at the University of Southern California, Chad was one of the original “Nike Student Representatives” responsible for many of the branded events and campaigns. Recognizing his creative inputs and event executions, Nike launched his career after graduation in their newly established Sports Entertainment Department. Chad was tasked with handling global entertainment productions, grassroot PR, events, and experiential marketing for top talent.

He shares, “I was able to work with and learn to craft key sports entertainment campaigns, including the Brazil Soccer Team World Tour, Track & Field Championships, Tiger Woods Japan Golf Tournament, and the Nike Basketball Global Tour.”

Soon after, Chad joined Adidas America, wherein he was their youngest Sports Marketing Manager, conceptualizing activations for global events like the 2000 Olympics, Boston Marathon, and the inaugural Women’s World Cup.

Talking about his experience working with this two global giants, he mentions “There’s nothing quite like learning how to market the world’s biggest athletes and products from these two sports marketing powers.”


The Infinity Experience

After gaining considerable experience working with both Nike and Adidas, Chad returned home to LA and started Infinity Marketing Team in 2001.

During the first year, the company was able to secure large multi-million-dollar client contracts to execute bold, innovative campaigns. This includes an award-winning partnership with tech giants HP.

Chad points out, “While we’ve been blessed to have many wins and globally recognized campaigns throughout our journey, it was one particular campaign that really got both IMT – and the entire experiential marketing industry – noticed.”

The launch of the YOU+HP Experience campaign in 2006 was a resounding success, one that impacted the entire industry. 

He mentions that the campaign was the most aggressive experiential mobile tour ever created. “It housed over 40 HP products, had on-site sales that outsold HP partner stores, and was attended by over two million consumers during its run!”

“As the remarkable sales results began to roll in during the campaign, it was the first time that strategies for national brand campaigns and public relations efforts all shifted to accompany an experiential platform. I am proud to have led this change,” he adds.

Today, IMT stands out as an industry leader with over 150 recognized awards, positive client responses, successful campaigns, and recognition as one of top Experiential Marketing firms across annual listings for the last 2 decades.


Redefining Experiential Marketing

IMT’s success spans across diverse industries, from technology and finance to fashion and automotive. Despite the different industries, the common thread that enables the company to tailor its strategies is through the art of innovative storytelling. 

According to Chad, “The beating heart of our agency is our passion for creative storytelling.”

The team at IMT understand that stories have the ability to connect on a deep level, evoke emotions, and create lasting impressions. “This underlying ‘why’ drives our commitment to delivering exceptional results. Every project, regardless of its size or budget, is approached with unwavering dedication and innovation,” he explains.

The company is constantly pushing and innovating its storytelling approach in order to evolve with an ever-changing landscape. From branded video games and immersive dome content to game shows and engaging keynotes, IMT ensures that their campaigns are cherished, not just consumed.

Beyond innovative marketing, IMT champions sustainability and social responsibility. Their commitment extends to workplace equality, work-life balance, and creating positive impacts within the company and through their work. Sustainability, in IMT’s eyes, is a holistic endeavor that encompasses ecological responsibility, company growth, and personal well-being.


Boutique-Style Customer Service

While working on the brand side to start his career, Chad realized that he preferred working with agencies that had a personalized touch, instead of the ones that made him feel like just another number in the client directory.

Leveraging this experience, Chad established IMT with a clear intention “I wanted to make sure we always felt ‘boutique’ to our clients but could compete with all the big players.”

The innovative leader makes sure to integrate this philosophy into his day-to-day role with the company. “I remain heavily involved in the areas of new business, client relations, project strategy & concepting, and overall accounting/reporting.”

For Chad and IMT, creating a culture that encourages positive work-life balance is incredibly important, especially in an industry that equates to long hours on projects, working on the weekends for events, and facing highly stressful situations.


Pioneering New Frontiers

According to Chad, his vision for IMT will always remain the same – Groundbreaking. Innovative. Disruptive.

He passionately asserts, “We are trailblazers, seeking out the uncharted terrains of branding narratives, ensuring that the experiences we create are not just another brand campaign, but roaring epics that stand the test of time.”

Chad further highlights a significant milestone in IMT’s journey. The partnership with Pico Corporation has truly brought together the best of the best in the industry. Under the new IMT-Pico umbrella, the greatest creative minds in the world are now collaborating together! This partnership symbolizes an even grander vision for IMT, promoting boundless innovation.

Chad Tons and Infinity Marketing Team are prove that innovation is not a destination but an ongoing journey. Their relentless pursuit of new ideas, storytelling prowess, and commitment to sustainability make them a transformative force in the marketing world. As they continue to push the envelope and craft tales that stand apart, the potential is undeniably infinite for Chad Tons and IMT.

This interview with Chad Tons, founder and CEO of Infinity Marketing Team, LLC, was published in Exeleon Magazine on 14 November 2023.