Hyundai Motor Park Saudi Women Driving Campaign

To design and create the Hyundai Motor Park road show, Pico worked with the client to provide new female drivers across Saudi Arabia with a realistic place to practice their driving skills in a safe and family-friendly environment.



Acting quickly to answer a real need – to help newly-empowered female drivers in Saudi Arabia learn to drive – we worked with the client to provide a safe and realistic place for them to practice driving, and test-drive Hyundai cars at the same time.


Soon after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia changed the rules to allow women to drive, a significant challenge arose: it was not safe for women to start driving or practicing directly on the roads, and there were not many institutions where women could learn to drive, as there was a lack of female instructors. The client saw an opportunity in this situation, and thought: ‘Why don’t we provide Saudi women with a safe place for them to learn and practice their driving skills!’ Pico then helped the client to develop and execute the concept, the strategy and the campaign.

The result was the brand-new Hyundai Motor Park roadshow, complete with realistic mock-ups of roads, petrol stations, drive-through stations and shopping centre parking lots for women drivers to gain real-like driving experience.

Sub-activities around the park that Pico helped design and execute included a Hyundai brand awareness activation zone, a mini-car racing track with Hyundai N-car racing model, and a VR zone for the NEXO, Hyundai’s latest eco-car along with a brand promotional wall with extensive information. We also activated a pre-roadshow event called a ‘Colour Drive’.

  • The roadshow was held in three different cities: Dammam, Jeddah and Riyadh, for three or four days at a time.
  • Each roadshow averaged 2,000 walk-in visitors per day.
  • The main hero car, the Hyundai Kona, sold out during the campaign.