Pico Play to deliver full theming solution for Dreamworld’s new rollercoaster
Darren McLean
Executive Director, Pico Play

Darren McLean, Pico Play’s Executive Director, in an interview with blooloop, highlighted that the company is crafting an immersive ancient temple for Dreamworld's new rollercoaster, Jungle Rush, set to debut in 2024. Over 75 professionals at Pico Play’s facility in Hai Duong, Vietnam, are working on the temple, which promises to be the central feature of the attraction, complete with twisting tunnels, mystical artifacts and exotic creatures.

McLean emphasised Pico Play’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive theming solution that encompasses show sets, audio-visual effects, a custom soundtrack, lighting, storytelling and animatronics. The aim is to create a seamless, integrated experience for guests as they journey through the attraction.

Jungle Rush, a switchback rollercoaster, is the centrepiece of Dreamworld’s new immersive land, Rivertown, and represents the park’s largest investment in a single attraction at US$35 million. It will feature the world’s first inclined turntable and offer unique ride experiences with different track paths and reversible travel direction.

The ride’s construction includes 520 pre-cast glass-reinforced concrete panels and a repurposed ex-military dual-engine propeller plane, all carefully integrated with the existing infrastructure through detailed 3D modelling. McLean’s vision extends beyond the ride, aiming to envelop guests in a story-driven adventure from the moment they enter to the moment they leave.

The collaboration between Pico Play and Dreamworld is longstanding, with Jungle Rush being the 10th joint project. Dreamworld CEO Greg Yong praised Pico Play’s skilled team during a visit to their Vietnam facility and acknowledged the firm’s global reach and local Queensland presence as contributing to their successful partnership. Jungle Rush is expected to create over 1000 jobs and open in late 2024.

This article is an excerpt of an interview published in blooloop on 7 February 2024.