The 4th World Intelligence Congress Cloud Intelligent Technology Exhibition

The World Intelligence Congress is a global forum of intelligent technology. Themed as ‘Intelligence New Era: Innovation, Energisation and Ecology’, the fourth edition showcased the interactive experience brought by practical digital tech applications.

Pico was tasked to create an immersive, interactive ‘cloud intelligent technology exhibition’ for the Congress. The team responded with a comprehensive solution which included the use of a virtual exhibition platform with 3D virtual technology and big data, exhibitor information collection and integration, content management, and real-time communication and transaction services. The result would be an entirely new visual and communication experience for guests, companies, institutions, media and visitors.



Compared with offline exhibitions, virtual exhibitions are not limited by time, venues, footfall or security issues. Intelligent and digitalised, they can expand communications by enabling a global audience to focus on a topic – in this case, the smart technology industry. The convenience, immersiveness and interaction experienced at the fourth Congress would far surpass that of previous events.


The Congress was one of the largest cloud conferences hosted in China in 2020. For exhibitors, virtual exhibitions offer lower participation costs, and exhibitor numbers are unlimited by physical venue constraints. Customised virtual booths also allow more diversity than offline booths. These advantages attracted 119 companies and institutions to the Congress, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huawei and Tencent.

The Congress is targeted at an audience of experts, scholars and leading firms in the technology field. Given the audience’s background, Pico understood that attracting them would require the use of cutting-edge intelligent tech to create a uniquely impressive experience.

That reasoning led to the construction of a virtual exhibition inside a stunning online reproduction of the National Convention and Exhibition Centre in Tianjin. It boasted 85 virtual exhibitor booths in six zones, each themed and colour-coded for easy exploration.

As with offline booths, each virtual booth was customised in line with the exhibitors’ corporate image and positioning. The effort required a meticulous design incorporating effects like 3D lighting and texture mapping.

Visitors entered the exhibition via computers or mobile phones and could browse its content at any time and from any location. Onscreen joysticks enabled them to ‘walk around’ the virtual space, taking in 360-degree panoramic views on the way to their destinations. Each virtual booth also featured three interactive points through which exhibitors could display their corporate image, product information. The booths’ 24-hour real-time intelligent customer enquiry services enabled purchasers to negotiate or make queries quickly and conveniently.

  • The virtual exhibition views totalled more than 900,000 from 23 June to 1 September 2020.

  • More than 40 websites broadcasted the Congress. The number of viewers exceeded 100 million and page views reached 700 million.

  • From 21-24 June 2020, the Congress was reported in CCTV’s major news programmes for four consecutive days.

  • Overseas video views reached 90 million.

(Source: Tonight News Paper)