SplashMania is Asia’s largest rainforest-themed water park, located in the new Gamuda Cove township in Malaysia’s Southern Klang Valley. A striking feature of the property will be a massive artificial rock structure, topped with a 45-metre ship.



Cost and logistics are among the major challenges faced by projects on the scale of SplashMania. Pico addressed both by adopting various methods of prefabrication. This enabled components to be assembled into finished products at the place of manufacture, rather than at the park site. As well as cost and time savings, the process provided a high degree of flexibility, minimised on-site disruption, and was more environmentally friendly.


Pico was also appointed to provide design and construction services including overall theming for SplashMania’s slide towers, drawcard attractions, buildings and pavilions.

By prefabricating project components, the team minimised the challenges posed by factors such as limited construction space, unfavourable weather conditions and a variable supply of workers and contractors. A high standard of quality was ensured by carrying out the work at Pico’s facility in Johor, whose capabilities include custom steel fabrication and the use of Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) for fibreglass sculptures. The facility also uses five-axis CNC milling to reproduce digital models in three dimensions.

With the facility’s support, the project team planned, designed and executed one of the park’s most awe-inspiring features – a towering outcrop of artificial rock. Made with a highly specialised technique, the structure features a thin layer of glass-reinforced concrete to mimic the appearance of real rock, but at a fraction of the weight.