Rentokil Initial Digital Ecosystem Experience

Rentokil Initial, the world’s leading commercial pest control and hygiene services provider, wanted to reproduce their Digital Ecosystem Experience (DEE) for an audience composed of a wide range of potential buyers, from CTOs to estate managers.

Pico was appointed to develop the online platform for this innovative interactive journey and to ensure an effective level of audience engagement.



Pico’s approach was to fully commit to the brand’s physical model. The team broadened out the DEE platform to a futuristic control centre populated with digital displays.

Launched in March 2021, the newly developed platform enables users to gain a deep understanding of the brand’s global digital ecosystem. During the journey, visitors are accompanied by a host – shot on green screen to appear ‘live’ within the environment – as they freely explore the realm of digital pest management, learning about its enhanced efficiency, value-added data and insight, and how food businesses can benefit from its improved pest risk management.

The space also features an auditorium to host live and pre-recorded content. Visitors exit into Rentokil’s reception, where they can chat, book an appointment or join a meeting.


Since its launch at the 2021 Global Food Safety Initiative Conference, Rentokil Initial has continued to roll out the DEE, and continues to use the virtual space, including post-event digital campaigns in markets around the world and at other virtual events.