Range Rover Launch and 2018 Land Rover Above and Beyond Tour

Range Rover’s first large-scale event in Taiwan embodied its name, as the brand went above and beyond to gain new business and raise brand awareness. Through a series of spectacular demonstrations and hands-on test drives, participants in both Taipei and Taichung got to experience Range Rover’s unique blend of off-road toughness and luxurious elegance.


Creative and Execution

Pico delivered two-facet of turnkey and professional executions in the launch and the experience tour, providing creative design, digital interactive, car and event management and more.

The launch event, held in a massive space next to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, unveiled Range Rover’s latest products – with an intense rainstorm during the launch only adding drama and spectacle to the event and allowing the vehicles to demonstrate their off-road abilities to the fullest extent.

In the event’s lounge area, we created an interactive video starring the participants themselves – they were filmed in front of a green screen and then edited into an exciting and dynamic brand video which they could keep. We also created a 2 mini car circuit with off-road electric model cars which everyone could drive through off-road conditions.

Pico’s management capabilities and our flexibility and inspiration were at 110 per cent during the launch, especially when it came to managing details like how to use the space effectively and rapidly adjust the launch to make the rain work for us instead of against us.

Our delivery of the 2018 Land Rover Above and Beyond Tour in Taipei and Taichung was also exceptional. The Pico team invested an enormous amount of time in learning about and managing Range Rovers’s dynamic display equipment system, which let visitors experience the latest Range Rover technology and how their vehicles manage off-road conditions with ease. We collaborated with international instructors to ensure that everyone was on the same page in order to make sure the participants got the best experience and the highest possible level of brand awareness. These experiences resonated with both Range Rover owners and lovers whose high expectations were exceeded at all times during the tour.


The event was a great success, attracting 1,500 visitors overall.