Rainforest Lumina at the Singapore Zoo

As part of their 45th anniversary celebrations, Singapore Zoo wanted to craft an illuminated multimedia night walk on the wild side, creating a place where visitors could ‘enter a magical universe where only virtual animals and humans roam’ and enjoy a feast for the senses.

Through Rainforest Lumina, we sought to transform this world-class zoo, already impressive enough during the day, into a multi-sensorial night time landscape experience. The 1-km night walk features interactive lights and sounds and the Creature Crew, ‘a quirky group of unlikely heroes’ who presented as an augmented layer over the real world to visitors through their adventure. This illuminating experience was conceived by the Moment Factory, a well-known multimedia entertainment studio specialising in the conception and production of immersive environments.

Pico was selected to partner with Moment Factory and Singapore Zoo to deliver this unique experience.



The project included exhaustive engineering and electrical solutions which were necessary to prepare the site for the complex multimedia installation. Civil and structural work included the installation of over 50 lighting posts and almost 30 km of cabling. The integration required various schematic designs, a substantial number of show lights, audio speakers and high-lumen laser projectors.

Given that this was the first outdoor semi-permanent multimedia installation ever attempted in Singapore, we needed to form several special task forces, including audio and visual integrators, electronics specialists and another team specialising in fabrication methods and thematic treatments. This team created unique thematic elements to suit the one-of-a-kind environment – thematic UV-painted archways, Mexican-style lanterns and thematic painted bamboo enclosures.

All teams needed to pay close attention to the noise levels and environmental impacts generated by the on-site construction work – it was critical to minimise our impact on the zoo animals and the natural habitats surrounding them, and to adhere to strict animal welfare guidelines.


The end result of all this hard work is an incredible spectacle with 11 luminously stunning and engaging multimedia zones, including four interactive ones with the augmented Creature Crew experiences.


Photos: Courtesy of Singapore Zoological Gardens