Jaguar The Art of Performance Tour 2019

Wherever it goes, the Jaguar brand attracts legions of fans and followers – and Taiwan is no exception. The UK brand’s hugely successful Art of Performance tour visited the island this summer, with Pico Taiwan delivering an original and professional driving experience to Jaguar fans in both Taichung and Kaohsiung.


With Pico planning the event and managing the venue, we gave all those who participated an exciting look at new Jaguar models like the XE and XF sports sedans, as well as a taste of the dynamic driving experience in their new SUV. Instructed by professional tutors, participants enjoyed driving the compact Jaguar E-PACE SUV and experiencing an incredible new Art of Performance technology, in Taiwan for the first time – the smart cone system. Smart cones use wireless technology to randomly illuminate pairs of cones, setting out a different route each time, notifying drivers of their next target with only a moment's notice.

This course, and the event itself, was a great experience and a driving challenge for Taiwanese car fans and customers alike, helping to amplify the brand’s presence across the island.