Integrated brand experiences cater to industry trends
Chairman, Pico Group

The marketing industry has experienced a significant transformation in recent years. The convenience of digital channels, the personal touch of face-to-face interactions, and the immersive nature of technologies like web3 can all play a crucial role in campaigns.

Pico recognises the need for brand activations that combine all these elements. Leveraging its diverse expertise, Pico creates experiences that resonate with audiences across multiple platforms and channels. This approach is known as ‘integrated brand experience’.

In one recent example of cross-platform marketing, OMEN by HP commissioned Pico to create an immersive experience of being ‘inside’ comics that would resonate with the anime community at 2023 Los Angeles Comic-Con. In addition to expanding the campaign’s reach via YouTube, the team also used extended reality (XR) and LED lighting effects to create an out-of-this-world environment at the Expo. A unique virtual backdrop enabled visitors to create their own adventures with customised music and share the results through social media. This extended the campaign’s real-world experience to online, enhancing the effectiveness of the multi-pronged approach.

Cross-platform strategies are not limited to a particular sector. In State Farm Insurance’s ‘Good Neighbor Crew’s Bobblehead You!’ project, Pico created a physical event booth where visitors could take photos with personalised bobbleheads. Online strategies using social media and email marketing were implemented before and after the event to promote offline registration and facilitate brand-audience communication. The results of the multi-channel campaign far exceeded expectations, generating over 120,000 sales leads with an average conversion rate of 77%.

In summary, by effectively integrating the advantages of a variety of channels, a seamless and enjoyable customer experience can be created, amplifying marketing effectiveness and proving that ‘one plus one is greater than two’.


The full article was originally published in Headline Finance on 22 April 2024 (in Chinese only).