How to maximise event ROI
Vice President, TBA Hong Kong

The pandemic has spurred the popularity of events with virtual, hybrid, live and micro formats. Here are ways to maximise your return on investment, whichever the format.

Up close and personal
Micro-events allow for that highly personalised feel that humans crave for, so personalisation is key for maximising ROI. “Treat your guests like ‘VVIPs’ to lure them back as a ‘sticky’ audience,” suggests Tay Ling, vice-president, TBA, Hong Kong.

“Just like in the online world of performance marketing, offline data is very critical to performance. At Pico, we have Experience Pulse, which is our advanced data analytics that allows us to maximise audience engagement and ROI. Data learning, collection and analytics have to be done experientially, with all five senses of the audience activated,” adds Tay Ling.

The above was extracted from an interview of Tay Ling, Vice President of TBA Hong Kong, published online by M&C Asia on 18 May 2022.