Experiential Marketing and Brand-Customer Convergence
Chairman, Pico Group

In our digital era, it’s very easy for brands to get lost in a deluge of information, unnoticed by a continually distracted audience.

To attract and hold the attention of today’s consumers, brand perception must be anchored in something deeper – a personal experience. Some companies are therefore using experiential marketing – and its sensory marketing subset – to extend their brand touchpoints. 

Pico’s Chairman explains why in his Headline Finance column: The most powerful of all touchpoints are those designed to use our sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell to convey information about the brand. The more the customer encounters, the more they engage with the brand, and the more memorable associations are formed.

Ultimately, the aim is to create a real bond between brand and customer that lasts far beyond a spark of initial interest, and actually ignites a long-smouldering customer desire to purchase – to relive and extend the experience. 

*The above is a summary of the original Chinese article.

The full insights article was first published in Headline Finance on 24 January 2019 (in Chinese only).

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Source: Headline Finance (E-newspaper versionWebpage version), 24 January 2019