New advertising tools address a changing market

The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for the e-commerce sector. But while a rapidly growing consumer base brings great opportunities for brands, it also creates additional points of stress.

For one, shoppers are increasingly taking a hybrid path to purchasing. They are also browsing more on multiple devices, with a growing reliance on ‘shoppable ads’ that enable people to purchase products directly from their device screens. In an increasingly data-driven future, this unprecedented flood of consumer data will become a powerful competitive differentiator. However, quickly evolving data privacy regulations and concerns are making analyses of customer behaviours and preferences increasingly difficult.

The latest tool – commerce media – emerged out of such necessity. Commerce media is a first-party data-based and full-funnel solution that enables marketers to create advertising strategies based on high-value audiences across all channels, devices and formats. It closes the loop between media impressions and commerce transactions to create engaging experiences for consumers.

Source: Commerce media: The new force transforming advertising, McKinsey, July 2022