Beijing Daxing International Airport – Four Seasons in the Eyes of the Masters

As a ‘new gateway to China’, Beijing Daxing International Airport is committed to delivering a safe and pleasant experience to all passengers. Safe, smart and green, the airport’s state-of-the-art design ensures smooth operations as well as offering pleasing aesthetics, creating value and commercial benefits for stakeholders.


At the same time, many of its decorative elements make the airport a ‘cultural ambassador’ of China. Following on from a previous Chinese-style landscape design project that created more than a dozen cultural attraction installations, Pico Beijing was engaged to deliver an immersive environment in the airport’s Digital Experience Pavilion: the ‘Light and Shadow Journey’.

Inspired by the theme ‘Four Seasons in the Eyes of a Master’, the team utilised projection mapping to ‘paint’ the pavilion’s walls with eight masterpieces by van Gogh and Monet. Through projection, interactivity, video art and accompanying classic music, Pico created an immersive space to deliver a ‘Journey of Light and Shadow’, depicting the endless cycle of growth, blooming, maturing and withering with the changing of seasons. Triggered by sight, sound, touch and feel, the overall effect is to immerse visitors in a stunning trip through the year with masters of art.