Web3 to Revolutionise the Exhibition Industry
Lawrence Chia
Chairman, Pico Group

As web3 gains in popularity, the exhibitions industry is undergoing a parallel evolution fuelled by the advancement of related technologies like AR and VR. With these virtual digital elements, project planners can create immersive experiences that transcend reality, leading revolution in experiential marketing with far-reaching impacts on the MICE industry. 

During the 17th Asian Financial Forum, John Li, Chief Executive of HKSAR, reiterated the HKSAR Government’s commitment to developing green finance and web3 ecosystems and seizing on the associated opportunities. This emphasised the significance and potential of web3 for the future of Hong Kong.

A number of companies from across industry are exploring the potential of web3 ecosystems, aiming to integrate this element into their marketing programmes and develop cutting-edge web3 projects for customers. One example is Honeywell’s Pico-activated Metaverse Innovation Summit, which enabled visitors to create digital avatars and engage in interactive experiences to learn about the company’s business. Pico also partnered with China Mobile to organise a global partner conference, leveraging web3 technology to create online zones for users to participate in activities like treasure hunting, poster-making and online photography.

Art Basel, known for attracting global artists, galleries and collectors, has embraced web3 and blockchain to create virtual exhibition halls and digital art auction platforms. This not only facilitates greater participation and online purchases by international visitors, but also provides artists and galleries with broader exposure.

In conclusion, the flexible utilisation of web3 ecosystems, blockchain and other elements could significantly transform the organisation and experience of exhibitions and events. This includes attracting a larger global audience, enhancing safety, and driving innovation in exhibition activities. It is crucial for the industry to keep up with this trend and maximise the advantages of web3 to create more engaging experiences.

The full article was originally published in Headline Finance on 8 April 2024 (in Chinese only).

Source: Headline Finance (web version), 8 April 2024