Megaworld International: Revolutionizing the Future of Real Estate Philippine Property Expo 2021

Megaworld International, the official global marketing arm of Megaworld Corporation, organized this online event to showcase the latter’s property investment opportunities in the Philippines. Catering to both local and foreign investors, the aim was to create an interactive virtual expo experience that featured everything from an exhibition hall to talks, forums and seminars by key officials and industry leaders.



Pico’s Global-Link MP team aimed to maximise flexibility, user-friendliness, scalability and reliability as they developed the expo’s virtual platform. Among the features the platform would support were virtual tours, live event simulcast, and video-on-demand. Livestreaming of the expo’s parallel sessions and seminars would proceed for one month, and the platform would also enable users to attend sales roadshows and interact with exhibitors via chat and video call. An additional two days of on-demand streaming enabled the expo to further expand its audience reach.


Global-Link MP developed a virtual platform optimised for the event’s particular characteristics and needs, as well as providing other services including virtual exhibition management, lobby and booth design and registration management.

Participants entered via a virtual lounge whose look mimicked that of a physical venue. From the lounge, they navigated to ’Exhibition Hall’, ‘Plenary Hall’ and ‘Project Gallery’ areas. A concierge was available to provide organizer information and 360-degree virtual tours of properties managed by Megaworld Corporation.

Users could attend live parallel sessions and seminars at the platform’s ‘Plenary Hall’, or head to the ‘Exhibition Hall’. The latter featured realistic exhibitor booths with an intuitive user interface designed to foster sales opportunities. The booths were arranged in geographic clusters to cater to the different needs of potential customers from Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. The availability of text and voice communication and video call and meeting scheduling ensured a high level of engagement.

  • 2,050 potential property buyers in less than one month
  • Industry representatives from 30 countries attended