i Light Singapore

Asia’s leading sustainable light festival, i Light Singapore, returned in June 2022 after a two-year hiatus. The highly acclaimed event showcased 20 creative light art installations by local and international artists from 14 countries, all based on the theme ‘Spark of Light’. Starting this year, each edition of i Light Singapore will be anchored on a colour from the visible light spectrum, with this edition kicking off with violet.


Complementing the Festival’s light art installations was a diverse range of programmes and activities ranging from F&B delights and drone experiences, to tours, workshops and forums. The well-curated programme transformed the Festival into an all-round experience that enhanced the vibrancy of Marina Bay and the Civic District.

The artists showed great ingenuity by transforming everyday objects and waste into captivating artworks. Their light art installations utilised energy-saving lighting and environmentally-friendly materials, and served as reminders for visitors to adopt eco-conscious habits in their everyday lives.

For the 2022 edition, the team again lent its expertise in turnkey projects for the event, with a range of services including event management and marketing contributing to the placemaking of the precinct and bringing the city centre to life.