Heineken x 7-11 ‘The Heineken Space’ in Taiwan

In March 2019, global convenience store chain 7-11 teamed up with world beer icon Heineken to roll out a Heineken x 7-11 concept store. This world’s-first co-branding concept store called ‘The Heineken Space’ caught the attention of people across Taipei.


The result was spectacular: from a glass wall made from 180 beer bottles offset by brick elements that created a vintage feel, to the symbolic green and black elements in the floor and ceiling decorations and lighting and the white and red stars scattered around the space, the concept store seamlessly combined the best of both 7-11 and Heineken. ‘The Heineken Space’ quickly became an energetic new hotspot where beer lovers and young audiences could meet up, soak in the atmosphere and share their experiences on social media.