Expo Negaraku 2017

Having seen and been impressed by Pico’s outstanding work at the large-scale Expo Milano 2015, the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia chose Pico to produce the biggest expo ever held in the country: Expo Negaraku 2017.

Designed to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Malaysia’s independence, this one-of-a-kind celebration brought together various government ministries and agencies in a collaborative display to mark the country’s major achievements over the last six decades.


The visual highlights of the Expo Negaraku were the giant geodesic domes divided into specially-designated zones where visitors could explore Malaysia’s history, development and prospects. In addition to the major exhibits inside, the expo’s weekly themes focused on specific topics involving tourism, culture and more, while popular local entertainers added further colour and enjoyment.

Technology was a big part of the Expo, with visitors of all ages enjoying interactive experiences through a variety of high-tech exhibits set up in the five giant domes. Visitors could virtually take charge of air traffic at an airport, take a virtual train trip through the lush countryside, drive a bus or even talk to the prime minister, who made occasional random calls throughout the expo.

Pico proudly provided turnkey exhibition services to the Expo, including conceptualisation, content development, fabrication, interior, event management and pavilion operation services as well as a government-level public relations campaign; all within a short three-month period.

Over 600,000 visitors came to Expo Negaraku during the month, and the valiant efforts of our hard-working team were recognised time and again, with the prime minister himself commenting that “the Pico team put up the best expo on Malaysian soil...despite the very short notice that they had to create the entire expo, I was very proud to witness a very engaging, interesting and interactive expo, which was beyond my expectations.”

  • Visitors: 604,444 total
  • Twitter reach: 37,246,924
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