China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2022

‘Focusing on Integration and Innovation, Writing a Smart Future Together’ was the 10th anniversary theme of the China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2022. A showcase of the telecoms brand’s digital innovations achievements over the past decade, the two-day event marked the first time the Conference was held in real time on a virtual platform supported by cloud technology.  

Pico was appointed to deliver the metaverse services that would be the Conference’s backbone. The team divided the event into five major modules, created a Metaverse Innovation Pavilion, and used technologies such as 5G, Ultra HD and VR to create an immersive experience for all participants.



Creating an immersive, smooth and enjoyable virtual exhibition platform was a top priority for the project team. An especially interesting feature of the design was its Metaverse Innovation Pavilion, which engaged Conference participants in a series of interactive gamified tasks. The platform also offered multi-port coverage to meet the needs of the widest possible audience spectrum.


To provide a smoother participant experience, the Conference’s metaverse space was built upon a lightweight game engine. Users to join the event through a variety of devices, including mobiles, computers and VR headsets. 

Inside the Conference platform, the Metaverse Innovation Pavilion served as a key element in aligning users with the event’s theme and anniversary. Participants could immerse themselves in a gamified world and earn ‘5G energy’ by completing enjoyable tasks such as treasure hunts, creating posters and taking online photos. Their ‘energy’ could then be exchanged for exclusive digital avatar accessories, which could be viewed and swapped in a ‘Personal Centre’.

Meanwhile, five ‘modules’ – a Cloud Exhibition Hall, Cloud Forum, Cloud Updates, Cloud Transactions and the Personal Centre – supported the event’s programme of speeches, forums, anniversary showcases and product launches. Each immersed participants in a futuristic, high-tech scene as they navigated freely between them.