Lights out at Pico offices and staff homes for Earth Hour

Even as we cope with the pandemic, we still can and should make an effort to protect the environment. It can be as easy as switching off the lights, whether at the office or at home.

That’s just what some 2,000 of Pico staff in 34 cities around the world will be doing as they join tens of millions of others for Earth Hour. Starting at 8:30pm (local time) on Saturday 26 March, they’ll switch off all non-essential lights and electrical equipment to make their voices heard about saving energy and helping the planet. Participants are also encouraged to watch and share the ‘Virtual Spotlight’ video on any Earth Hour social media page.

As well as its own employees, Pico is encouraging other people and businesses to participate by spreading the ‘#Connect2Earth’ Earth Hour campaign hashtag on social media, and by providing special e-cards for staff to send to clients and friends.

First held in 2007 and organised by the World Wildlife Fund, Earth Hour is about much more than saving energy; it raises awareness of the state of our planet and its future – and especially the worsening effects of climate change and the loss of biodiversity. Today, millions of people and organisations from more than 180 countries and territories take part.

Pico has been a keen supporter of Earth Hour for several years under Pico Global Care in Action, its corporate social responsibility initiative. For staff members, Earth Hour is an annual reminder of the need to use resources responsibly and help businesses to grow in a sustainable way.

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