In April 2019, in association with Emirates Nature-WWF and the Noukhada Adventure Company, 30 staff from Pico UAE embarked on an important task: clearing plastic waste and other rubbish from Eastern Mangroves, one of Abu Dhabi’s major nature reserves.

An ecological treasure, mangroves are a vital habitat for a variety of animals and even play a key role in managing tidal water flow. At the site, Pico personnel were joined by three experts who took them through the basics of kayaking. After paddling to their destination, the group dispersed into five teams and proceeded with their waste-collecting work.

During the activity, the teams were briefed about the impact of waste on mangroves. Plastic waste, which may take hundreds of years to decompose, can be particularly destructive to these delicately balanced ecosystems. Accordingly, the day concluded with the teams taking the collected waste via kayak to a designated disposal area.